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  • Leppinks Food Centers- Newaygo
  • 193 River Valley Dr., Newaygo, MI, 49337
  • (231) 452-6768
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    24 oz


    Aunt Millie's original recipe. Health Benefits: Zero grams of trans fat/serving; no high fructose corn syrup. Thank you for buying my Seeded Italian Bread. Bread is the staff of life, so I do my very best to make every loaf I bake as fresh and delicious as it can be. This bread is baked in a wide pan, so each slice is big and hearty. It's full of nutrition too. Enjoy! - Aunt Millie. Honest to goodness. Family owned since 1901. Points Value: 2 (The Points value for this product was calculated by Aunt Millie's and is not an endorsement or approval of the product or its manufacturer by Weight Watchers International, Inc., the owner of the Points).






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